Take your store from 1x to 10x

Our mission is to maximize the growth of e-stores (explosively) within a few months.

Everybody talks, but who executes?

10x team holds decades of direct experience in e-commerce and digital marketing.

At 10x, 1+1 = 10

We partner with e-stores to achieve fast and organized growth together.

How 10x works?


Practical Collaboration, Side-by-side

We work with your team step by step, with the speed and flexibility of a person, and the power and influence of an organization

Engineered Growth

We examine the workflow of your e-store and holistically organize it in order to achieve the highest productivity level

Growth Acceleration

In short: we will do whatever it takes to lead your e-store toward exponential growth in just a few months!

Why 10x?



We are distinguished by an expert, capable, and fast team in growing e-stores.

Speed and Power

You won’t hear “tomorrow” from us, but “now”! 10x army expands your store and hits the target.


We are partners, literally. Therefore, we take our work responsibility very, very seriously.

Growth Partners


شعار البيت الصغير -جديد

The Little House

Entertainment and fun mixed with an educational flavour

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كلاود شيلف


Holistic logistical solutions for e-commerce businesses

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شعار متجر سلام


Elegant Islamic gifts inspired by the spirit of the two holy mosques

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Meet the 10x-ers


Nojoud Yousef Al Aqeel

Creative Content Creator

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مشعل الدويش - مدير الموارد البشرية

Meshal AlDowaish

Director of Human Resources

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صور الموقع-روان

Rawan Omar Hamed Ahmad

Customer Satisfaction Officer

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أحمد عيد - أخصائي تحسين محركات البحث (SEO)

Ahmed Eid

SEO Specialist

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Dr. Tamim Alghannam

Founder & CEO

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نواف الضراب - تن إكس

Nawaf ALDarrab

Co-founder & CMO

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ناصر الصبيح - تن إكس

Nasser Alsbeeh

Co-founder & Chairman of the Board

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عبدالرحمن الشنقيطي - تن إكس

Abdurrahman Alshanqeeti

Digital Growth Lead

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صور الموقع-ندى

Nada Almansour

Growth Acceleration Specialist

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