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We create and acquire unique products and online stores, then exponentially grow them!

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10x team takes your product from the dusty shelves into people’s daily lives after completing the acquisition.

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A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

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ريبال.. منتجات تريح البال

ريح بالك

How 10x works?


Full Acquisition

Innovative Foundation

Exponential Growth

Why 10x?



We are distinguished by an expert, capable, and fast team in growing e-stores.

Speed and Power

You won’t hear “tomorrow” from us, but “now”! 10x army expands e-stores and hits the target.


We are owners, literally. Therefore, we take our work responsibility very, very seriously.

Growth E-stores



ريبال .. منتجات تريح البال

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لا تضيع الوقت

قصة منتجك بنرويها قريب

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شعار البيت الصغير -جديد

The Little House

Entertainment and fun mixed with an educational flavour

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شعار متجر سلام


Elegant Islamic gifts inspired by the spirit of the two holy mosques

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10x Leaders


نواف الضراب - تن إكس

Nawaf ALDarrab

Co-founder & CEO

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Dr. Tamim Alghannam

Co-founder & board member

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ناصر الصبيح - تن إكس

Nasser Alsbeeh

Co-founder & Chairman of the Board

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