The 10x Culture

10x is an authentic culture prior to being a profitable company, where the growth is exponential, rather than normal, aiming to reach the maximum giving, and exceed it high up to the top of the sky!
With that in mind, it is obvious that the 10x team is the first representative of this culture. Therefore, we are keen to strengthen our culture at all levels, internally and externally, in thoughts, feelings, and actions, which is reflected in the purpose, vision, and basic values ​​of the company.


10x Purpose

Our end goal is to create a mature environment for growing online stores, which enables innovative store owners to grow exponentially.


10x Vision

We aspire to be the most successful model for growing online stores in the region.


10x Core Values

  • Exponential Growth
  • Speed
  • Learning
  • Responsibility
  • Leadership


This is the 10x spirit that each member of the 10x army-of-experts represents!